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Economic Revolution of Tunisian Women

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Tunisia is unique among the Arabic world, with the advanced legislation on women’s rights. Tunisian women have gained basic rights of gender equality earlier than most of their European counterparts, starting from 1956, when Tunisia gained independence.
But these rights were mainly enjoyed by wealthier and more educated women. The lower income, lower educated women did not have the same access to rights, brought in with the top-down policies of the state.
With the Jasmine Revolution, the dictatorship in Tunisia ended, bringing a democratic system to the country. The previous government was strictly secular. Good conditions for women were brought in and protected by the state.
While the new era meant more democratic rights to people with free elections, a concern is also raised for women’s rights. Free elections also meant that strict secular state policies were not available anymore. When a pro-Islamic party became the largest one, concerns raised.
Out of these political situations in the country, a new development is also changing lives of many Tunisian women.  The increasing involvement of women as entrepreneurs in the economic fabric is allowing their reach to more rights easier. With different reasons, many women are now starting their own businesses.
Compared to the top-down policies of the previous government, and the democratic consequences of Jasmine Revolution, this “Economic Revolution” may be even more successful in developing the position of Tunisian women.
Produced and Directed by:            Can ADİLOĞLU
Duration:    30’00”
Languages Available:   
1. English
2. French
3. Spanish
4. Turkish
Interviews: Tunisian Arabic (with related subtitles in each Narration version)
Subtitles Available:       
English / French / Spanish / Turkish
Arabic (for narration only)
HD 1080p
PAL, 25fps / NTSC, 24fps,
Date:             March, 2017




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